Developing Scalable Teams & Cultures in Real Estate With Kerri Davis – Real Finds Podcast #22

Posted by Gordon Lamphere

Host: Gordon Lamphere, Director of Sales and Leasing at Van Vlissingen and Co. Guest: Kerri Davis, Founder & CEO of Fortress



Welcome to “The Real Finds Podcast,” where we dive deep into the influential voices shaping the world of real estate. This episode features an exciting conversation with Kerri Davis, Founder & CEO of Fortress, an innovative software company revolutionizing property management. With her vast experience as the President of Elmington’s property management division, Kerri saw a need for a better PropTech platform and took the initiative to build one. Fortress now manages over 50,000 units and has gained investment from the renowned firm Walker & Dunlop.

Kerri’s journey in real estate is fascinating. With an accounting degree from the University of Central Arkansas and a Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University, she transitioned from academia to the dynamic streets of Baghdad, where she honed her skills as a business manager for a Department of State contractor. Eventually, she found her calling in commercial property management at Elmington and ascended to become a partner and owner.

In this captivating episode, Gordon and Kerri discuss her unique career journey and the challenges of scaling a team and developing a successful property management system. Kerri shares her perspective on holistic property management and explains how technology can empower even the least tech-savvy employees.

They also delve into the strategies behind adding value and reducing onsite payroll and weigh the pros and cons of decentralized versus centralized real estate assets. Kerri provides invaluable advice on developing scalable teams and cultivating a scalable culture within the real estate industry.

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The recommended book for this episode is:

“The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection”, available here.

Gordon Lamphere
AuthorGordon Lamphere
Gordon is a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker, who manages the commercial sales and leasing team. Gordon also leads Van Vlissingen and Co’s media marketing team. He is an honors graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland and holds a Juris Doctorate from Tulane University Law School.